04 of October, 2017

    Crash Course in Google Ads

    Angus Smith

    Customer Marketing Specialist

    Pay per Click (PPC) advertising can drive great returns for your small business, but what, and where should you advertise? We've created this (mini) Crash Course on Google Advertising!

    Depending on your industry, we'd recommend at least utilising Google Search Engine Advertising ( SEM ) to ensure you're the website customers click when they're searching.

    Search Ads


    Search Ads are those bits of text at the top of search results with a little mark next to them, usually depicting 'Ad' in green. These are particularly effective at catching people when they are searching for a company or service, where you select the keywords that relate. You can use either Google AdWords or Google's new tool, AdWords Express to implement these advertisements. In some cases, when the Ads don't appear upon a search, you might be using poor, or incorrect keywords. Because of this, it's always better to have the keyword as well as your business i.e For example, “Tree Service Brisbane”


    Display Ads


    Display Ads are commonly seen on the different sites you visit around the web, like news or entertainment sites. They can be placed in a number of positions on the page, and can sometimes even be interactive with the user. The main medium here is images that link through to your website, it could be a simple picture, an animated image (gif) or as mentioned above, an interactive experience. Through the Google Display Network, these advertisements reach over 2 million websites and 650,000 apps!

    Video Ads


    Video Ads, from the title itself, are ads placed on top of, before or after videos. These can come in two main forms, short video clips before a video begins (or after it finishes) as well as images that appear on top of videos throughout the timeline. If you're unsure of what these would look like, youtube.com is a perfect example of these ads in action. Often, this medium can be heavily engaging, incorporating much more of a story that can be achieved in just an image.

    Shopping Ads


    Shopping Ads achieve one sole purpose, to drive sales of products based on your search query, and they do this damn effectively. "we drove over 20k in revenue to an e-commerce site, solely through Shopping Ads last month" - Our Director. The setup of Shopping Ads is probably the simplest of all Googles channels, just requiring a feed of your products and some basic shipping details! If you run an e-commerce store, and haven't set these up, go do it now



    Of course, if you don't have the time to advertise your business, we have a dedicated advertising team based right here in Brisbane! Contact Us. You can also browse our other growth focused articles here: /growing-a-business-in-brisbane

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