05 of October, 2017

    Quick Tips to Grow Your Business on a Budget

    Angus Smith

    Customer Marketing Specialist

    Our world changes in a flash, and as small businesses, we don't always have the resources to change and explore every new way to get the word out. From fliers and promotions to digital services, there are a few proven methods you should already be using to get the word out.


    1) Create an Elevator Pitch

    As the saying goes, Everyday we're Selling. Whenever you are, or whatever you're doing, you can be growing your business by talking to the people around you. This doesn't need to be an hour-long presentation, instead try to design a short (6-10 second) talk that addresses the need, your solution and how they can act on this chat (business cards or similar). Here's an example elevator pitch: "For the pedestrian who has to get high up, the elevator is a quick, easy automatic lift that unlike stairs the product does the work for you."

    2) Participate in Your Community

    Do some research, and observe your community. There are often many easy ways to get in front of the people you're targeting. What do the people in your community do with their time? Where do they spend it? Once these are clear, create a marketing message that connects.

    3) Build Partnerships with Other Businesses

    Business owners, much like yourself, are too looking for ways to promote their businesses, and are more than happy to return the favour. You can use fliers, promos or even social media channels, but make sure you're messages are seen as personable, and not just another marketing flyer.

    4) Speak at Events

    You'd be surprised at just how easy it is to speak in front of your target audience if you ask the right organisations (chambers are a great start). Aim for informative sessions, that inspire your listeners (it's easier said than done).

    5) Ask for Referrals

    Every customer and client is an opportunity, so don't hesitate to ask for referrals. People are often more than happy to provide referrals to their network, providing a great leg in the door for opportunities.


    This article is part of our series on Growing a Business in Brisbane, so head over there and check out the other articles! /growing-a-business-in-brisbane. If you want to grow even faster alongside an experienced team, speak to us today on 1300 933 414 or drop into our Queen St offices!

    Photo by Ryan Riggins on Unsplash

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